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Remodeled Kitchen
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Cementing client relationships on the strong framework of top-notch service and on-point project management.

Effective Execution

Meticulous planning and on-time project execution results.

Proven Quality Services

Highest quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction!


Nova Construction Services The Columbia Basin

Nova Construction is based in Moses Lake, WA & provides residential and commercial construction management services to customers throughout the Columbia Basin. As a State Certified General Contractor, Nova Construction was established with high standards in mind. We are committed to complete projects in a timely manner and satisfy our customers with a quality finished product.

Since the majority of our trades are in-house, we are able to offer greater control never compromising our commitment to quality and service.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional quality workmanship and guarantee your satisfaction!

Satisfied People

Featured Testimonials

Very impressed with the attention to detail, ensuring the customer is scheduled and taken care of based on their schedule and weather, dedicated team that works like an orchestra composing absolutely fantastic results. Highly recommended.

- Dave De Blasio




Whether you need complete interior or exterior paint finish, our team is excited to bring your project to life. Some of our services include application of PVA, stain blocking, bonding, and mold prevention/remediation primers. Painting over wood fencing, decorative beams, concrete and some stucco is not a problem.

Exterior Painter


Your siding can be considered the most important and appeal boosting feature of your entire home. It is a crucial curb appeal component and showcases your style. Aside from looks, siding protects your home's structure. So when your siding is damaged, it doesn't just reduce home value because of the way it looks, it also allows for moisture to penetrate your home structure and damage it. We offer general repairs, new Installation, section repair, caulking, pressure washing, and more.

Construction workers replacing siding


Satisfaction for our customers (you) guaranteed through our professional's experience hanging, mudding, & taping drywall. We offer general & specialist repair (seamless patching on any texture pattern) services & more.

Drywall installation and repair


The roof is one of the most important components of your home or business facility - after all, it protects your from harsh weather conditions and must be installed properly, otherwise rain and snow could seep through and ruin other important components. If you haven't replaced your roof in more than a decade, it would be worth inspecting whether you need to or not. Let the professionals at Nova Construction assist you in your journey!

Roof replacement, re-roofing


Basements can often be overlooked, but we know you know that there is potential for it to be one of the more fun parts of your home! Whether you're planning to make it a play room for the kids or an entertainment area, we offer full basement renovations, living space remodels, basement rehabilitation and more.

Basement renovation


Your kitchen and bathroom are the highest traffic areas in your home, and deserve their respective attention when it comes to renovation! A simple makeover could change your home's entire look. We can help you bring this dream to life, so schedule a consultation now so we can help you wow family and friends next time they visit your home. We offer demolition, remodeling, renovation and rehabilitation.



Water damage can happen when you least expect it and sometimes it might even happen without you noticing. Some of the causes could be an overflowing sink or bathtub, a plumbing problem, or even bad weather. Regardless of the cause it is very important that you seek professional help immediately because you need to determine what has gotten damaged so far and if you don't act fast, this damage could spread, making problems much bigger. We offer structural water damage restoration, insulation, and mold remediation. Schedule a consultation today!

Water damage repair


When energy issues tend to arise in your home or office, there is a good chance it has to do with your doors and windows. If these don't seal properly, there will be a loss of heat during the winter and loss of cool air during the summer making it impossible for your heaters or AC units to keep up. At Nova Construction we provide high quality installations that save you money on utilities and keep your home cozy keeping the temperature as it should be inside.

Installed windows


We know you lead a busy life, and it can be challenging to get things repaired on your time off. After all, that time is meant to be spent with your friends and family. The last thing you want to be doing on your day off is repairing a leaking pipe. That's where we come in. Nova Construction offers handyman services. Leave the work to the experts and relax!

Handyman work


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